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Check out this free eLearning product/service directory reinforced to dish the QM community. Explore by the 8 oecumenical standards of the title or by exploiter and intersection categories. You may likewise add resources.

QM provides timber benchmarks and rubrics to amend the conception of on-line courses in higher education, K-12 education, educational publishing, and continuing and professional education.

The Quality Matters Rubric is centered in research and is based on a review of the literature, the expertise of experienced practitioners, instructional design principles and existing standard sets.  QM provides many other research-based resources for quality assurance.


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Peer Reviewers promote continuous quality improvement by improving their OWN courses, as well as those across an institution.



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QM has Professional Development offerings leading to certification as a reviewer in each of our five program areas. Become a Peer Reviewer by starting with either the Higher Ed or K-12 pathway. Both entail:

Test the waters for conducting a Program Review at your institution. Read through the Program Readiness Checklist and register for the Preparing for Program Reviews workshop

to get started.

Quality Matters promotes a continuous improvement model supported by a database of professionally trained, community-based QM peer reviewers eligible for assignment to peer review teams. Courses that successfully meet the QM Rubric standards in an official course review are eligible to carry the QM certification mark.

QM can show you how to:

Implementing quality assurance in online learning? You’re not alone.Quality Matters has information and tools for finding answers in today’s literature. Everyday, education researchers ask important questions about online learning — Start collaborating:Not a subscriber? Fill out an Intent to Subscribe now or contact Subscription Services for help!QM offers professional development for both QM Subscribers and Non-Subscribers:■ Coming up in Higher EdBeing a Peer Reviewer is a great opportunity to learn from other reviewers, gain valuable leadership experience, earn extra income, and get recognition from peers for your individual contributions.three pillars icon on book coverThe QM Rubrics are intended for use with courses delivered fully online or those with significant online components (hybrid and blended courses). Create a MyQM account or use the links below to download PDFs of non-annotated Rubric Standards:

You can get started with a course review by a certified team of QM reviewers for your Higher Ed, K-12, K-12 Publisher, Higher Ed Publisher or CPE courses. (Subscription recommended, but not required.)■ Coming up in K-12

Quality Matters has been adopted throughout the United States, Canada and in many other countries.A non-profit organization dedicated to quality assurance in Online Education.QM For Students: A supplemental subscription that enables you to bring QM into the classroom.QM is a thought partner in a multi-pronged effort led by Public Agenda, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation and others to create new resources and opportunities in response to growing interest in competency-based education (CBE).MyQM Suite Updates: A new look and feel along with enhancements to improve usability in MyQM, CRMS and MyCR. See a video overview.QM success stories icon

Educational Publishing

QM offers workshops and certifications for educators and other professionals.

Quality Matters in Online Learning. We believe…

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Quality Matters Instructional Designers Association LogoThe QM IDA is made up of QM-subscribed instructional designers from all over the country who are passionate about course design and want to share ideas and best practices with others. Join in the conversation on their website.

Find out how the QM Community shares research and best practices when you watch recordings of webcasted conference presentations.

Quality course design

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can help with student learning.FREE for Subscribers! Join us March sixteen for «8 Tips for Addressing Standard 8«Quality Matters is an international, inter-institutional program. QM’s quality assurance processes are designed to certify the design of online and blended courses.cover art for the AJDE Quality Matters special editionKay Shattuck, D.Ed. QM’s Director, Research, developed and guest edited the Fall two thousand fifteen issue of the American Journal of Distance Education (AJDE). Purchase the issue or individual articles through the publisher. The issue or individual articles are also available from most college and university research libraries. Contact us if you cannot access the journal.see all news

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